We offer a wide range of Red, White and Rose Wines of various Appellations and Origins.  We also are very proud to offer fabulous handcrafted Tenerifian Wines.  Produced by Jose Antonio Torre Carillo in Granadilla de Abona the wines are completely ecological.  Nwe in our sortiment is a large range of vines from "Flor de Chasna" witch is located at Arico in the south of Tenerife.

Wine Menu

Wine Grape Glass Bottle

White Wine

Batuta seco Arien 1,50€ 7,50€
Torres Vina Sol seco Parellada   12,00€
Torres San Valentin semi Parellada   12,00€
Torresgrana seco Listan blanco 3,50€ 12,00€
Torresgrana afrutado Listan blanco 4,00€ 13,50€
Flor de Chasna seco Listan blanco   15,00€
Flor de Chasna sensacion semi Listan blanco   15,00€
Flor de Chasna afrutado Listan blanco   15,50€
Testamento seco Malvasia   17,00€
Testamento seco 4 month Barique Malvasia   25,00€

Rosé Wine

Batuta rosado seco Listan blanco 1,50€ 7,50€
Torres de Casta semi Parellada   12,00€
Flor de Chasna Tendecia semi Listan blanco   15,00€
Flor de Chasna afrutado Listan blanco   15,00€

Red Wine

Batuta seco Tempranillo 1,50€ 7,50€
Torresgrana seco Listan negro 3,50€ 12,00€
Sangre de Torro semi Garnacha, Carinena   12,00€
Flor de Chasna tradicion semi Merlot, ruby Cabernet   15,00€


Sangria 0,5 / 1 L 5,00€ / 9,00€
Sangria Magharita 0,5 / 1 L 6,00€ / 11,00€
Sangria Champagne 0,5 / 1 L 7,00€ / 13,00€
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